XtremepowerUS 49cc Dirt bike


We’ve come to show you the right and best product information. We have been able to select the highest productivity for you from a manufacturer, publisher to all the opinions. The XtremePowerus is made by a high-quality 49cc engine. So it can be overcome any hole or bad road.

It is known as a good dirt bike with a reputation. Its behind has suspension. A Rider can enjoy a journey while running through the inferiority. It allows you to travel all the way to the street. Creating this bike with high-quality components. You can imagine you are going through comfort. It is an awesome bike.



XtremepowerUS 49cc 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Features

Quality material

This 49cc dirt bike is made of high-quality material, so you can easily handle all kinds of difficult situations. It can travel freely on rough valleys, vomiting places, or on rural roads.





This 49cc dirt bike is powered by strong 49cc, 2 stroke gas engines due to the best peak level. As a result, the bike provides a powerful kick. When you use this bike you will appreciate it because the main part of the vehicle is the engine. If the engine is not good or if its ability is not good you will not be charming.




Maximum control

Because of its front and rear disc brake, this bike allows you to have maximum control over rough terrain or crusted area. In such areas, you can roam the desire. It can be comfortable, friendly, and securely traveled.




Age range

ExtremepowerUS 49cc dirt cycle is applicable to people 13 years of age or older, but many people are of the opinion that it can be enjoyed using it since the age of 8 years. Even I gave a gift to my nephew’s 10-year-old child’s birthday and he could run well and enjoy it.




Distance Coverage

This dirt bike is a great bike and this is a great bike. You can not imagine and can not do that about the distance coverage. It can be easily traveled 15-20 miles.




Warranty and Support

This bike provides good warranty support for cycles. To repair any damaged or broken part of it, You can send it. Also, you can get delivery for any broken or inappropriate retail part and then adjust it yourself.





It has gained popularity for an affordable price. You can take it for your children or for the purpose of enjoying or for yourself or someone as a gift. I can assure you that you will love this dirt bike and enjoy it through its use.




⇒It is built by a 49cc and 2 stroke engine.
⇒weight 45 pounds.
⇒The recommended age is above 13 years.
⇒Product warranty and support.
⇒Affordable price.
⇒Easy to kickstart.
⇒Comfortable and safe journey.
⇒Construction by high-quality components.
⇒Weight-bearing capacity up to 128 pounds.
⇒Front and rear discs are great breaks.

XTremePowerUS Dirt Bike Pros and Cons


EPA certified
Handsome Design
Powerful 2 stock engines
Able to control maximum
Quality and durable material
The difficult situation is to deal with handball
The maximum weight is 128 pounds
Comfortable travel help
Comfortable seats


Plastic fenders are thin




Why XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike is the best for me?

I personally like 49cc dirt bikes, so I gifted him this dirt bike on my nephew’s birthday. There are several reasons for me to be the best 49cc dirt bike. It is discussed below

⇒49cc 2-Stroke gas bicycle has a strong kick out.

⇒It is a certified part of EPA.

⇒Handling plays an important role in difficult situations.

⇒Start can control maximum by front and rear disc brake.

⇒It’s recommended for ages 13 or over.

⇒The highest weight capacities of up to 128 pounds.

⇒Handling is made of high-quality components.

⇒Can be a comfortable ride by steady frames with suspension.

⇒1L (.26 gallons) fuel capacity of up to 15 – 20 miles range.

⇒It is designed in green, red, and blue colors.

⇒The customer has given 4 stars out of 5 stars.





We hope that you can choose the best bike for our researching tips. Now you can choose the best product according to the above tips.


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