Best Dirt Bike Guide in 2020

How to choose a suitable dirt bike for your loved ones?

We have discussed how to choose size and dirt bike height :

It is a bit tricky to choose a dirt bike size. To choose the best dirt bike you must know a dirt bike height, size, and engine power chart.


SL NODirt Bike nameImageTypeAgesBuy
01XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Off Road Dirt Bike Gas, 49cc Engine13+
02Toxozers 49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Gas BikeGas, 49cc 50cc Engine13+
03Razor MX350 Dirt BikeElectric, 350 Watt13+
04Razor MX650 Dirt BikeElectric, 650 Watt10+
05SAY YEAH Gas Scooter Kids Mini Mini Dirt Pit BikeGas, 49cc EPA Engine 13+
06Apollo Precision Dirt Bike 125cc Engine13+
07Rugged 2 Stroke Dirt BikeGas, 49cc  EPA Motor5+
08DR-X Kids Dirt Bike Gas, 50cc Engine6+ 
09Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt BikeGas, 70cc Pit Bike7+
10DB50X 48L KIDS DIRT MINI BIKEGas, 49cc Engine6+
11Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14110cc Engine 6+
12TAO Tao Dirt Bike DB10110cc Engine12+
13SmartDealsNow 49cc-250cc Dirt Bike 110cc EngineGreat for Adults 
14Coolster QG-210 70cc Dirt Bike70cc Engine7-13 years
15Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Bike 350-watt electric motor 13 and older
16Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Rechargeable 36v sealed lead-acid battery

14 and up
17Razor RSF650 Electric Powered Street Bike650-watt Electric16 and up
18Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery13 and up
19Apollo DB-X18 Dirt Bike125cc EngineAdult
20 Manual Clutch Dirt bike
125cc Engine13+

We’ve added the size of the dirt bike size chart and Dirt bike size to make you easy. Through the dirt bike height chart and details, will help you to select the best dirt bike for your kids. We discussed the details of how dirt bike engines work. You have to keep a lot of things in mind to choose a dirt bike. Dirt Bike Size Chart. This article has been detailed in detail for you.


For many of us, it is very important to know the bike height chart and dirt bike size charts. So we’ve added dirt bike size charts and dirt bike size calculators for you. Its guideline is very important for the beginner.


In this article, we guide you to choose a dirt bike that is gained popularity, perfect & suitable for your child, long-lasting, safest. We have referred to the size and engine power of different brands. Take a look at our guide for this. We request you to ensure your child riding safely. Many people ask, how to select the best dirt bike, we recommend you to buy a small engine dirt bike if his/her age is 3 to 11 years old.



It is not easy to create charts in conformity with the child’s height. The reason is that height is not the same for all ages. So, We have created a complete dirt bike size chart that will match the height of your child. By following this, you can select your best dirt bike for your kids. So, this height chart will help you to easily select the preferred bike for kids of any age.





What things should be followed for selecting a suitable bike?

To choose a perfect, best dirt bike, You should remember that, check his/her foot as well as his/her height, because if his/ her feet touch the ground, then you can be selected it. If your child is flat on foot, but there may be a problem with a bike for other children of your children in order to achieve your child’s height.


So a high bike will be good for your child, which can be used in long term. Because of the extra height, it will not be used for him.





Early Dirt Bike Guide and Dirt Bike Size Chart Explained:
To choose a dirt bike, you have to know about the features of the products. follow the following topics:


Parents worry about their child’s safety. And for that, we gave priority to security and put it in the first place. We will not recommend any children under 3 years. Because it can bring dangerous for him. You should buy an engine dirt bike when your child’s age is over 11 years old because it is easy to control for over 11 years old.

So you should keep in mind safety when selecting a dirt bike and for that, we recommend you follow the above chart.



Another important thing for a dirt bike is comfort. That’s what the driver enjoys comfortably through his bike.



Height is important for choosing a bike. When you select a bike, you must remember that your child will have the same height. keep the partial height, when the height is big. 


Because of your extra height, rider traffic will not be safe. If the height is small, but the journey will not be safe for your child. it will cause foot problems when the height is small. 




How to change a dirt bike height?

Many parents can’t change the dirt bike height for their children. As a result, children have to face various problems. Besides, they may face different disasters or cannot use the long-term. So, We have discussed the details, how to change the height of a dirt bike.


Dirt bike size
If there is no suitable switch for dirt bike size, there are procedures that can adjust the height of a dirt bike with more accuracy and perfect balance when driving your baby.



How to reduce the dirt bike height?

To reduce the height of the dirt bike, you must follow the following strategies. Along with this, you can reduce the height by reducing the dirt bike seat. The tricks are as follows:


Seat Foam Cutting
If you want you can partially cut off the foam. This will reduce your bike height. During your child’s commute, the foam gives him comfort. But partial foam will feel comfortable in this.


Foam Replacement
You can replace the seat with foam which will be soft compared to the original. This will reduce the dirt bike height. The soft foam will compress more than the original foam. This will provide the appropriate comfort for the child.



Sag set
It is possible to reduce height by setting the back suspension in the lowest setting. This allows your child to make a perfectly balanced journey to rough and inappropriate terrain. But there is also the difficulty of setting up the Sage in the lowest setting. That is, it can easily affect the steering of dirt bikes. But it is very less familiar.




How to increase the dirt bike height?

Due to the convenience of your child, it may be advantageous to increase dirt bike height. It is discussed below:


Taller Seat Foam
As discussed earlier, the foam can be reduced in the same way as you can increase the seat foam inversely. Besides, the seat foam purchases a little high and you can lift your bike.


Getting Long Handlebar
You can increase your bike height if you want through long handlebars. This makes it possible to make the driver’s travel delightful.



Sag Setting
Sag setting makes a huge job in the field of dirt bike height. You can do a great job to make the bike big enough.



How to choose the best kids’ dirt bikes?


Battery power
You have to choose a battery of 24 -48V voltage for optimal performance.


Motor power
Determine how good the electric bicycle transmission is by motor power. And for children 300-100gWatts. It is best to use electric bikes in the range.


Time charging
Select a bike that takes less time to load the charge in the battery.


Charge Per Limit
Choose a motorcycle that can cross a long distance for your child.


Using illegal bikes is not only a cause of legal problems but it can cause dangers for your kids, so recommend buying a licensed bike.


Generally, the electric dirt bike weight is low. Oil or gas-powered bike is more than weights. Electric Bike is good for you if you need to carry it, but good speed and good oil or gas-powered bike is good for the engine.



Can you drive a dirt bike on the road?

Depending on the law, street dirt bikes are legal and illegal. You must have your bike Who has to convert to a legal vehicle.


Air filter
Air filters play a huge role in the effectiveness of the engine. Make sure the air filter is regularly clean and adequately maintained, and you can use a filter to make it clean.



Pipe maintenance
You need to clean the pipes regularly so that they do not have any corrosion and rust and keep an eye on them.


Related Products




Dirt bike helmets are made separately from a normal motorcycle or street bicycle helmet. It provides your protection. This is the extra force applied to other regular riders Which helps to provide more air to riders, and it also increases chain protection for your extra protection.




You have to select a boot for your dirt bike that will make your journey safer and pleasant. And that’s why you have to choose the best of the best boots, which we have chosen for you to consider all aspects of your best boot. It’s durable and sleek boots.




Generally, a dirt bike tank has the capacity to hold about 2 gallons of gas. If you want to travel long distances or if you want to travel around the country like a mind, it is important to have gas. Which will guarantee your long journey? And for this, we have chosen the best quality gas for you. You have no option to make your long journey more joyful.




Goggles are very important for running a dirt bike. When you run a dirt bike, there are many possibilities for an accident. You can choose these goggles for your travel comfort and safety gains.




We have tried how you can easily choose the best bike for your child. For that, we discussed the issues that you need to know. We tried to tell you through the charts, which bike would be the right choice for your child. We have kept the quality, the best, the best brand for you, by examining our experience and research. We are always with you and will be here to support you.


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