TAO TAO DB 14 Bike


The Tao Tao DB14 a pit cycle is for kids. If you are looking for a simple and decent bike for your kids, then we’ve identified the best bike for you to fulfill your wishes, and your favorite bike is TaoTao DIRT-Cycle 110cc Bike. Which we have selected through examinations.


This will give you immense opportunities as a result of your money investment. The Tao dirt 110cc bike has a strong 110cc motor, so its speed is great. It satisfies the driver and makes a huge contribution in providing recreational travel.


The DB14 performance is quite good and the driver gets satisfaction. Its 110cc 4-stroke 1-cylinder engine provides strong and wonderful travel support. This motorcycle achieves maximum speed up to 30 kilometers per hour. Its affordable price makes customers more interested in purchasing products. It plays a huge role in entertaining children.


TAO TAO dirt 110cc bike to reach school, around your city, tourist places, is an incredible decision. When you buy Tao Tao 110cc, you will get a free coordinator trunk which will play a very important role while you are fast.




  • Engine 110CC, air cooled,4-stroke with 1-cylinder.
  • Disk Brakes on hand and foot.
  • Allow for kids.
  • speed 30 kilometers per hour.
  • It has been compiled for high school runners.
  • It can be used as a competitive bike.






  • engine:110CC,Air cooled,4-stroke,1-cylinder.
  • Brakes: Disk Brakes on hand and foot.
  • Speed: about 25/30 MPH.
  • Seat height: About 29inches.
  • Ground Clearance: 11.40 Inches.
  • Overall Size(inch): 63 x 28 x 41 Inches.
  • Tire Front: 2.5 – 14 Tire
  • Rear: 3.0 – 12



TAO TAO DB14 Dirt Bike Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy to control
  • Fram, front fork, suspension, and tire design are attractive designs
  • All parts of front and back, tire, edge, stabilizer, air channel, motor, all are perfectly designed


  • Some screws may be lost, so after checking and recommending to buy it after giving tightening the screw properly




What is our opinion about the TAO Dirt Bike DB14?

We have already tested and we have found that:

  • Have a strong 110cc motor.
  • DB14 performance is quite good and gets driver satisfaction.
  • 110CC 4-Stroke 1-cylinder engine.
  • Strong and wonderful travel assistance Provides.
  • Affordable price.




Why would you like Dirt Bike DB14?

If you want to find the best dirt bike for your child, you must first remember his safety, that’s why we chose TAO Dirt bike DB14 for you. It can provide complete fulfillment of all your requirements, which are designed to meet the client’s fullest desire.

They consider a number of issues for the maintenance of clients. And that’s why they offer different deals and help meet the client’s needs until the cycle is over. Apart from the warranty they provide to the clients, they provide better services to the scheduled time. If you find an error in it, you can return it or exchange it.




This is one of the best bikes like other bikes. Its powerful engines and designs are captivating. Its rider offers entertainment.





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