Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter


Swagtron electric scooter is a great scooter that makes your journey safer, colorful, and refreshing. This foldable electric scooter is able to reach a distance of 11 miles on a single charge. This scooter’s powerful 250-watt motor – runs 15 MPH at the maximum speed of the e-scooter, which is up to 250lbs for a distance of 4-15.4 miles. Its digital control panel – backlit led control panel allows you to speed up motor scooters, through gear. Let’s showcase great cycles and battery life. It can reach 18 miles or 29 kilometers per hour.


The scooter fits tremendously under the 5th scooter bus or subway seat. Carrying down the stairs of it makes for light uplift. With a phone mount that includes the app, upgrade the dashboard to the swagger 5’s handball. Then root the map with track speed, GPS and activate your headlights with a tap on your phone. Choose from Swagger 5 Power Scooters to find the best speed for you. Start with the first gear and cruise around you. Turn the second gear cut through the city around plenty of parking. Then select the third gear and a flash easily reach your destination.






⇒Its super-powerful electric motors provide a tremendous journey up to 18 miles or 29 kilometers per hour.

⇒The Razor design, technical, activities, and scooter performance have been perfected.

⇒It has standard features such as aromatic appearance and brakes and pneumatic tires.

⇒Its huge advantage is to make a good product for the money.

⇒The Swagger 5 maximum is perfect for all adults.

⇒It is suitable for a smooth open environment or running on the footpath.

⇒15 to 18 miles or 29 km per hour.

⇒320 pounds or up to 145-kilometer rider.

⇒It can reach up to 11 miles on a single charge.

⇒Digital control panel.




Great electric motor

It’s electric motor is the first and most notable of the scooter. If you love the environment, it’s a great thing for you. Due to its use, it is released from toxic smoke. Sound is released from pollution.

The driven motor chain in razor will provide you with a cool, powerful ride. To keep the stuff you need, it has a storage depot, which is completely hidden and so safe.





It made of a durable steel frame. You will not only pay for the features of the mod scooter but rather be more drawn to its strong frame.





Its battery charger is included with the scooter. For every journey, a daily charge of at least 12 hours is required. However, the initial charge will be 18 hours. It should also be looked at so that the batteries do not end or end water. When the water is half, then the water will be burned in the battery.





After using the scooter, you have to pay a regular charge. There is no need to charge a long time again. When the battery charge is completely completed, you will be given a 12-hour charge.

If you do not have a regular charge, the battery will become weak.




Swagger 5 scooter is a powerful and lasting attractive scooter. Its heavy metal frames and seats make poster riders more comfortable. Its battery gives the driver the ability to run about 11 miles in exchange for a single charge.




 It is very heavy for young children. Its twist-grip throttle, when used on a long, long-distance journey, may be tiring.



Swagger 5 scooter Pros and Cons


  • Zero emissions – Excellent scooter as well as 23% of total carbon dioxide emissions worldwide
  • Its excellent Air-tight Fire-Rented Housing
  • It’s eco-friendly Swagger 100% electric scooter
  • The best brand products
  • Sturdy materials
  • Removable seats
  • Charming speed
  • Can go up to 11 miles in one charge
  • Is included in its strong storage depot
  • Has a soft and comfortable padded seat
  • Battery charger comes with the scooter
  • Prevent air pollution


  • Long battery recharge time
  • Weighing heavily
  • Single brake





⇒Frame Material: Steel.

⇒Wheel Material: Rubber.

⇒Battery Charge Period: up to 12 hours.

⇒Wheel number: 2.

⇒Maximum speed: 18 miles per hour.






Anxiety against Electric Bill?

There are many people who think that if traveling for 24 hours with a 12-hour charge, they may not be worthless, or additional electricity bills may come. And my opinion is that-

First, you have to check that your electric meter is OK. Is your scooter’s battery good?

Especially if your power plan is good, then the bills are not an important problem.  You can safely use the scooter. This will reduce your extra travel costs.





Who is it suitable for?

This is a scooter suitable for a young rider. It is important to reduce the maximum speed before giving it to young children. This is a standard scooter to run faster instantly.





Cool and efficient

Whatever your child needs to do to be a good driver or to avoid accidents –

⇒A skilled driver who has to follow.

⇒All parts of the scooter should be well understood.

⇒Must have the ability to control the scooter.

⇒Its chain-driven electric motors guarantee its journey.

⇒You can monitor or relax your child’s journey.

⇒You can give your child enough entertainment, and for this reason

⇒Walk around or enjoy interesting places to have fun.






To determine your maximum speed, you can choose three gear levels that will easily be able to achieve your riding experience.





Highly recommendation

Swagger 5 is an affordable good quality scooter. Its a strong strong deck, a powerful motor, an extraordinary big size seat, and a best-of-the-best scooter. The Swagger 5 scooter receives a lot of positive reviews due to its huge decks and smooth designs.




Why we liked it

⇒The Swagger 5 has a spacious, sturdy, and comfortable full-size deck.

⇒There is a tremendous steel frame built, which helps children feel safer while traveling around high speed.






Attractive aluminum supports up to 320 lbs. Besides, you can easily navigate the headlights at night.

Swagger scooter than gas-powered cars

Not too much cost and convenience is a scooter. This extraordinary scooter is made up of smooth carbon fiber frames that weigh just 15 pounds. It is easy to save or carry.


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