SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc Dirt Bike





This SAY YEAH gas scooter is an entertaining bike. It’s different from any tourist place, park, or recreational place. Many people say that YEAH gas scooters use their personal work. One of the most important components of this is the disc brake behind it and the 49cc EPA engine.





  • It can run up to 20-25 miles with a -1.3-liter gas tank.
  • These mini-helpers are designed to attract the attention of kids.
  • Hat-driven back DISC breaks help you easily stop.
  • It is available in your favorite black, blue, pink, orange color.
  • Recommend for ages 13+.

It can be run easily: first, you have to pull the pull rope and then hit the throttle. After doing these, you can enjoy the fun.






  • Engine: 49cc, Air Cooled, approved by EPA.
  • Top speed: 15 mm, but depending on the radar.
  • Age:13+
  • Gas tank: 1.3 liters
  • Brake: Rear Disk Brake
  • Combined Product Dimension: 45L “” x 22W “” x 34H “”
  • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Orange
  • Package Dimensions: 41 “” LX 15 “” W x 20 “” H
  • Fuel / Oil: Ornamental / 2-Stroke Oil 32: 1
  • Product weight: 60 pounds
  • Weight range: 265 lbs


SAY YEAH Gas Scooter Pros and Cons


  • Amazon has a good review
  • Very durable and attractive
  • It can support up to 265lbs
  • It’s a high-performance bike
  • The fastest bike


  • It is only made for entertainment




What is our opinion about the SAY YEAH 49cc Dirt Bike?

We have already tested and we have found that:

  • It’s easy to run.
  • During the top DISC Brake
  • Comprehensive design to attract attention.
  • Applicable for teenagers.
  • Can be able to drive 20-25 miles with -1.3 liters of gas.
  • Available in custom colors (black, blue, pink, orange).




SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc Dirt Bike is an important and recreational bike.
Its engine is quite strong and it’s great for great breaks. Its size, shape, and design are quite impressive. Besides, it can be enjoyed by driving. This teenager – an aspiring bike for teenagers!





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