Rugged 49CC Gas Dirt Bike


Rugged Gas 49cc Dirt Bike is the best bike for its features. It provides you with peaceful travel. Some attractive features have gained popularity.




⇒1.3liters gas tanks.

⇒49cc Engine.

⇒EPA Approved.

⇒Applicable for 5-13 years old.

⇒Maybe up to 20-25miles in the hour.

⇒An Ultimate Gas Scooter.




⇒Engine: 49CC

⇒Gas Tank: 1.3 liters

⇒Stroke: 2 Stroke

⇒Brake: Rear Disk Brake

⇒Condition: Air Cooled

⇒Top speed: 15 MPH(Depending on the rider)


⇒Fuel / Oil: Ornamental / 2-Stroke Oil 32: 1

⇒Weight: 60 lbps

⇒Weight limit: 200 lbps

⇒approved by EPA



Rugged Gas Dirt Bike Pros and Cons


  • approved by EPA
  • Rechargeable disc brake can be easily controlled
  • speed is better
  • Supporting weight up to 200 pounds


  • No other profits were found




Some opinion about the Rugged 49cc

We have already tested, and we have found that:

⇒An ultimate gas scooter.

⇒49cc engine Approved by the EPA.





Rugged 49cc is the best for its features and attractive design. Its powerful engines and designs are captivating. It will give your child a better experience. It provides great support to the children and experience for them.

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