Razor E325 Electric Scooter


We review the depth of the E325 electric scooter. Its 300W is fully powered by a powerful chain powered motorcycles. Razor E325 electric scooter is a powerful scooter than other scooters. Its powerful high-torque motor controls extremely cool, chain-powered, and decreasing strength of the packaging. It has a pair of 10-inch pneumatic tires which can be easily transported to any of your products.


This scooter is a very popular scooter for the younger generation. It’s a super-sized deck and stand-by-adventure tutorial for adults made by frames. It is surrounded by a high-sized deck and frame built to prevent rogue adventures, which enables quick scooters to reach high speed 15 miles per hour.





Key Features of Razor E325 Electric Scooter

⇒It gives a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

⇒Its rider has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

⇒Travel for up to 9 miles in full charge.

⇒Travels up to 45 minutes in exchange for a 12-hour charge. After lighting the green light of your charge, will you see whether your battery flows?

⇒When you see the water fits well, then it will be fully charged.

⇒Scooter weight up to 55 pounds.

⇒Retractable strong kickstand.

⇒Front-controlled strong-arm brake.

⇒Rear Braking System.

⇒There are 24V battery systems.

⇒Has a powerful battery of 250W.

⇒Variable speed control.

⇒Rider under 22 pounds can travel a great deal.





Interesting is a sturdy frame that can carry 220 pounds of weight. This frame provides a good riding experience.





It is a 300w powerful motor, which makes the scooter more powerful. The rider also shakes and spins up to about 15 mph, which is much more. These motor smooth and low noise emissions.





This scooter is made up of powerful batteries, which supports up to 120 pounds rider. For this, it is better to charge this battery for 8 hours to 24 hours.





 It’s a 10-inch powerful pneumatic tire. Extra tires for extra carriage or long travel




Speed and acceleration

The Twist-Grip Throttle System provides speed according to your needs. It makes Rider a very experience.

Puncture provides a great addition to the tire proof. Its variable speed control is more coveted than other scooters.





Razor E325 electric scooter is ideal for children over 12 years old.




Fashionable Style

This is a scooter made of a very fashionable style. It makes it so stylish. It’s a high performance and great fashion sense.





After using the scooter, you have to pay a regular charge. There is no need to charge a long time again. When the battery charge is completely completed, you will be given a 12-hour charge.

If you do not have a regular charge, the battery will become weak.





The most notable problem is the battery life. Its battery can give only 40 minutes of fun after a full charge.

Its strong frame is up to 220 pounds, which is great. But this is not suitable for mountain climbing or walking through the mountains, which is another downward trend.



  1. Maximum speed

It can be up to 15 miles per hour at maximum speed. Which you can expect to hit at maximum speed.



  1. Single charge travel distance

You can travel up to 9 miles or 45 minutes on a single charge.



  1. Twist Throttle Transmission

The scooter is made by powerful twist throttle transmission which makes it easy to use.



  1. For ages 12+ years

It was created and made attractive for riders 12 years of age and above. This is an important scooter for small riders that can hold up to 220 pounds.



  1. Cool roads

Its powerful chip chain powered motor makes everyone’s delight. So you do not have to worry about getting up around the whole night if you go for a scooter in the deep night or early morning.



  1. Sufficient run time.

It allows the full charge to run up to 40 minutes.





Razor E325 Electric Scooter


  • Pneumatic tire
  • Huge deck
  • Twist-grip throttle system for variable speed control
  • Affordable price
  • Chain motor riding available
  • 40 minutes journey on full charge
  • Light weight


  • Battery life is weak
  • It’s hard to pack






  1. Quiet

It is the coolest electric scooter in the market. But its high speed gives a high sound.



  1. Appearance

It has a nice and smooth look.




  1. Accelerated variable speed

Its twist will be easily able to hit the gear with a grip throttle which will give the scooter a pleasure to travel only on behalf of someone.




  1. Continuous Ride Time

In exchange for a single charge, you will get a 40-minute ride time, which can travel up to 40+ minutes in return for regular charging and riding.





  1. Charge time.

Charging takes a lot of time. There is a charge of about 8 to 12 hours. But charging 8 to 24 hours is very good.



  1. heavy

It is heavy on weight, which is a lot of trouble for young children.





Anxiety against Electric Bill?

There are many people who think that if traveling for 24 hours with a 12-hour charge, they may not be worthless, or additional electricity bills may come. And my opinion is that-

First, you have to check that your electric meter is OK. Is your scooter’s battery good?

Especially if your power plan is good, then the bills are not an important problem.  You can safely use the scooter. This will reduce your extra travel costs.






⇒Speed: up to 15mm

⇒Brand  Razor.

⇒Gender  Unisex.

⇒Age Range 12 +.

⇒Brake: Rear Brake.

⇒Manufacturer Part Number 13116310.

⇒Battery: 24V sealed lead strong acid battery system.

⇒Motor: 250W.

⇒Capacity: up to 220 lbs.

⇒Assembled Product Weight 50.91 lb.

⇒Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 40.15 x 16.93 x 41.73 Inches.

⇒Includes the charger.

⇒The initial charge ranges up to 12 hours.

⇒Run time: up to 9 miles in 45 minutes.

⇒User Weight: Up to 220 lbs.

⇒Drive system & Gearing: chain powered motor.

⇒Handlebar Width: 16.5 “.

⇒Height: 42.5.

⇒Wheel: Two.

⇒Carry limited (lbs): up to 201 – 250.

⇒Dimensions: 40.15 x 16.93 x 41.73 inches.

⇒Scooter weight: 50.91 lbs.

⇒Tire: 10 “Air related tires.

⇒Revertickble Kickstand.

⇒Motors (Watts): up to 201 – 400 watts.




Does this scooter fold up?

No, you can easily take it apart to fix it from inside the trunk.



What can be used if you exceed 220 pounds of recommended maximum weight?

It will slow down the speed of the scooter in 220 pounds.




How fast is it speed?

It can go up to 15 miles per hour.

But its speed can be changed.



What is the charger with the scooter?

 Yes, there is a powerful charger with it.

As always, we recommend that you go to Amazon and review the specifications from different buyers and determine which one is best, so we recommend this model to this buyer





Who is it suitable for?

This is a scooter suitable for children 12  years old. It is important to reduce the maximum speed before giving it to young children. This is a standard scooter to run faster instantly.





What should you know?

It is designed for young riders, even though the proposed age is supported for children aged 12 and over. Its weight limit is 220 pounds.




Rider experience

Seeing all such facilities, I bought the Razor E-325 scooter for my son. Truly a great scooter that scooters like to take away any rider’s mind Occasionally I want to be smaller, and enjoy this scooter. Which he is enjoying.





Installation and Maintenance

Try to maintain the best to enjoy the best.

And that’s why to follow the instructions.

Be careful about nuts and bolts to tighten when the scooter is finished.

Always use the equipment offered by the scooter.





Cool and efficient

Whatever your child needs to do to be a good driver or to avoid accidents –

– A skilled driver who has to follow.

– All parts of the scooter should be well understood.

– Must have the ability to control the scooter.

– Its chain-driven electric motors guarantee its journey.

– You can monitor or relax your child’s journey.

– You can give your child enough entertainment, and for this reason

– Walk around or enjoy interesting places to have fun.





User Recommend

Suitable for 12+ years.

In the case of overcharging the battery may cause damage.

Scooters always keep clean and in a cool place.

Do not unplug the battery before it is fully charged.





Why did we like it?

– The Razor E325 has a spacious, sturdy, and comfortable full-size deck.

– There is a tremendous steel frame built, which helps children feel safer while traveling around high speed.





E325 Scooter Overview

Read our final reviews to find out the advantages and disadvantages of this scooter. The Razor E325 electric scooter can reach an average speed of 15 miles per hour. It is powered by a powerful chain powered motorcycle.

It has a strong back break, which helps Rider to control high speed. It is the best electric scooter in the market One in To improve the quality, performance is good, and a great scooter to find a quiet ride

It provides an excellent warranty so you can be sure that it will be safe and durable for a long time.  To enjoy the surrounding trips, the Razor E325 electric scooter is the best, which will give you a better gift for your trip.

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