Razor 13111260 E100 Electric Scooter


Razor E100 electric scooter helps pre-teens travel safely around a relatively low speed. The scooter speed 10 miles per hour. To use the Razor E100, you must take the helmet. While the recommended minimum age is 8 years +, but it can be used without problems of 6-7 years old children.


Prolonged Rechargeable 24V Seal Battery System. Before using the battery Charge properly, And for this, charge up to 12 hours. However, the maximum charging time for good results is 24 hours.







⇒High-performance electric  Chain powered motor.

⇒Includes the charger

⇒Include tools

⇒Scooter material is Aluminum

⇒It is made by a full-size deck and an all-steel frame.

⇒Rechargeable 24v sealed lead-acid battery.

⇒Its Speed is 10 miles per hour.

⇒Hand operated great front and Rear Brake.

⇒8-inch pneumatic smooth front tire.


⇒Strong speed travel up to 10 miles

⇒Twist-Grip Acceleration helps to control and speed up.

⇒A chronic rechargeable 24V seal battery system.

⇒Its charger is included with the scooter.

⇒Razor scooter easy to store.





Razor pocket mode battery has 24 V batteries that contain 2, 12V batteries. Its battery charger is included with the scooter. The lead-acid helps to increase the speed of the scooter. For every journey, a daily charge of at least 12 hours is required.


However, the initial charge will be 18 hours. It should also be looked at so that the batteries do not end or end water.

The battery may be damaged or destroys when the water is less than half on the battery. Its powerful battery supports very well. Manually, Its average battery life is 250 charges/ discharge.





It is able to handle any kind of obstruction or any terrible street. It is a sturdy and stable scooter. Its smooth wheel, brake, and handlebar Giving a smooth ride on the 8-inch pneumatic front tires and polyurethane rear wheels. It’s handheld breaks allow you to stop using it as a technology.





Security features

While running your baby scooter, be careful on the road as if the road is not wet or slippery. Because its wheel sometimes slips.





Razor E100’s Colors

Its color are Pink, Purple, Black, Gray, Blue, and Red, etc.






Great electric motor

Its powerful electric motor is very fast. If you love the environment, it’s great for you. Due to its use, it is released from toxic smoke. Sound is released from pollution. Its drives motor chain supports you a cool and powerful ride. You can keep the machinery on its storage depot.






Razor E100 electric scooter is ideal for children over 8+ years old. There are also many people who like it for 7+ kids because their child was tall by age.





Fashionable Style

The scooter is designed as a fashionable style. The scooter is available from European-based, original Italian scooter design. 





It is designed by a durable steel frame. 




Front lamp

Its front lamp helps to ride safely at night. As a result, your journey takes you more secure. Its bright light makes the street clear and helps to Ride secure. It is strong enough in any ground light.





Electric motors

If you click on the switch, the electric motor will be started. It is very important to familiarize yourself with a new driver manually. This can save you balance or save you from any danger or accidents. Helps boost the confidence of scooter balance for fifteen minutes for children. It can be difficult to control it at full or half speed because its electric motors are very strong.





Cool and efficient

Whatever your child needs to do to be a good driver or to avoid accidents –

⇒ A skilled driver who has to follow.

⇒All parts of the scooter should be well understood.

⇒Its chain-driven electric motors guarantee its journey.





Anxiety against Electric Bill?

There are many people who think that if traveling for 24 hours with a 12-hour charge, they may not be worthless, or additional electricity bills may come. And my opinion is that-

First, you have to check that, is your electric meter OK? Is your battery good?

Especially if your power plan is good, then the bills are not so problematic.  You can safely use this scooter. This will reduce your extra travel costs.






 After using the scooter, you must have to pay a regular charge. There is no need to charge a long time again. When the battery charge is completed, you will charge it a 12-hour.

If you do not have a regular charge, the battery will become weak.






It is very easy to use electric scooter brakes. Its brakes are handcrafted. If it is lost in control, there may be permanent damage to the pneumatic tire or rider on the handlebars.




Razor E100 Pros and Cons


Can go up to maximum miles in one charge
Charger and tools included
Has a soft and comfortable padded seat
Has strong 12-inch pneumatic tires
Chain operated strong electric motors
Prevent air pollution


Takes 12 hours to be fully charged
Rear Brake is slow





Razor E100 Specifications

⇒Brand is Razor

⇒Number of wheels is 2

⇒Recommendation  age is up to 8

⇒Rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery system 24V (two 12V)

⇒Maximum weight: up to 120 lbs.

⇒125mm polyurethane rear wheel.

⇒Rechargeable Battery

⇒Includes Charger with Scooter

⇒Hand-operated Front Brake

⇒Pneumatic tire

⇒Weight limit 120lbs / 54 kg






What did I get on the box?

Tire, Handle Bar, Motor, Twist Grip Throttle, Handle Bar Stem, Charger, Limiter, Assembly Equipment, etc. We got all the uninspired conditions. Then I charge the battery for 18 hours.




How to Construct the Razor E100

Firstly, by opening the quick release, you will need to turn the lever off by pressing the push button. Then the handlebars must be connected.




Who is it suitable for?

This is a scooter suitable for children between 8+ years old. It is important to reduce the maximum speed before giving it to young children. The scooter runs faster instantly.




What should you know?

It is designed for Children riders, even though the proposed age is supported for children aged 8 and over.




Highly recommendation

Razor E100 Scooter is an affordable, long-lasting, attractive, popular, and good quality scooter. It has gained for its a strong deck, a powerful motor, an extraordinary big size seat. It has received a lot of positive reviews.





Why we liked it

The Razor E100 has a spacious, sturdy, and comfortable full-size deck.

It is designed with a steel frame built, which helps children feel safer while traveling around high speed.

It provides a maximum speed limit.





My verdict

Razor E100 electric scooter is the best entry-level scooter for kids. This scooter is made of stylish, perfect design. It is the highest speed right. Its maximum speed is 9 miles. It is also great for its reactionary breaks, durable 12-inch pneumatic tires.


It has a push-button throttle and a foot brake. The Razor E100 scooter gives the appropriate value for your money as long as you are familiar with its professionalism and interest.


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