PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe


PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe offers for a softer underfoot feel and a smoother ride. It’s upper made with leather and outsole create for attractive, durable, and customize fit that you love. Its construction offers you to ride from heel to toe, so you can take your performance easily.




It is the global athletic brand that offers you running, sports, lifestyle, fashion, and daily working, etc with a relaxed mode. Its attractive feature has gained so much popularity in the world.





⇒100% Synthetic Leather upper.


Athletic Activity Running shoe.

Removal Rubber sole. 

Lace-up system for closure and fit.

Its midsole cushioned provides comfort.

Leather upper for flexible and long-lasting.

TPU shank system.

EVA heel cushioning for more flexibility. 

Synthetic upper style with a squared toe.

PUMA formstrip and logo detail.

Plush tongue and collar.

Perforated systems support it for look and breathability.

Rubber outsole used for grip sole.

Lightweight and multiple colors. 

Smooth interior fit and attractive design.

padded breathable Eco-OrthoLite® Softfoam insole.

Outsole designed with rubber.

Puma signed on the tongue level.

The high-quality materials applied to the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe.

Support you to Long run and daily training.

Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.




More attractive Features

Breathable upper Keep your feet refreshed.

Medium toe box.

Comfortable for running, training, and sporting.

Padded collar & tongue for comfort.

⇒Eco-Ortholite insole.

T toe construction.

Midfoot saddle for optimum fit and comfort.

⇒Memory foam inserts.

Breathable Eco-OrthoLite system.

Inverse duoCELL technology.

Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch.

Secure hell hold.







Brand: PUMA.

Footwear Type: Athletic.

Athletic Activity: Running.

Ankle Height: Regular.

Upper Material: Synthetic leather.

Insole: Memory Foam.

Outsole: Rubber.

Gender: Men.

Closure Type: Ties.

Arch support: No.

Running Experience: Cushion.

Waterproof: No.

Slip-resistant: Yes.

Closure Type: Ties.

Item model number: TAZON 6 FM-M.

Width: wide.

Pattern: Solid.




PUMA Men's Tazon


  • Lace-up system for Closure and secure fit.
  • The Sockliner system provides optimum fit and comfort.
  • Available in multiple colorways.
  • Secure hell hold.
  • Strong shapes.
  • Lightweight and standard.
  • Inverse duocell Technology.
  • Matching with any garmented.
  • Great footwear, stylish, and striking design.
  • Smooth interior fit.
  • It is a fashionable shoe.
  • Secure hell hold.
  • Designed of premium material.
  • Awesome shoes for training, running, and sporting.
  • Removal Rubber sole.
  • Lace-up system for closure and fit.
  • TPU shank system for increased stability.


  • After a long walk, its interior gets too hot and the ventilation is not enough.





Its upper part is made of attractive synthetic leather. Its quarter panel also has a graphic texture. It enhances the general durability of the footwear, while also providing the dorsal material of the foot when walking or walking. In addition, there are small holes in the upper part, which allow your feet to breathe. Its lace method helps to fit your leg.





Its smooth leather upper and rubber soles are soft, making your journey longer and keeping you from getting tired. 




Attractive outsole

Its premium dual-mesh upper can easily blow through the air, allowing maximum breathing experience, while also freshening, relieving fatigue, providing comfort and prolonged use. Its footwear is made with EVA midsole foam that provides comfort and ensures a reliable under-the-foot experience.

The heel section is great, which guarantees your safe movement.

Plus its efficient EVA heel pod works great for both extra cushioning function and shock absorption.

Its TPU provides great foot support.

This TPU is extremely strong, erosion-resistant, very elastic, and oil-proof.





Great Midsole

Its midsole guarantees you more comfort, creative journey, freshness, fatigue, and long-time use. After long time use, when the feet become sweaty, causing bacteria, and causing various diseases, but it helps to keep your feet safe by absorbing the sweat of your feet. Its EVA heel pod plays a great role in absorbing shock and further enhancing the additional heel cushioning system.




Secure fit

Its solid rubber sole and heel protect you from any sharp objects or small rocks. Also, it helps to keep your foot safe.





Its heel pod made by EVA foam material. It is soft enough to give the user a fair amount of cushioning. It is light in weight, allowing the user to use it for a long time. In addition, small holes in the upper part can move air through the part, which keeps your feet refreshed, not likely to sweat.





Its strong leather guarantees long-lasting use of the shoe. It also helps the user to lock midfoot. Its full-length EVA sock liners are great for the user with ease, long-lasting assurance, attractiveness, and so on. Its EVA foam is naturally cushioned, which makes landings a huge takeoff.

Due to its lightness and flexibility the user enjoys great. There is a lace system for custom fit and sleek lining.




How long-lasting

Its durability depends on the user, but in order to increase its durability, it is necessary to clean it once a week for regular use. Keep it in a dry place. However, it is long-lasting. 





What kind of clothing does this shoe suit? 

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe Suitable with all clothing. However, formal, jeans dresses are well suitable.





Where are Tazon 6 FM shoes suitable? 

It is suitable for Long Distance, Training, sporting, badminton, tennis, Treadmill, Road lingers, sports, and official work.




Some Questions

Puma Tazon







About this Company

Puma is one of the sportswear brands in the world. It established in 1948. With 60 years of expertise, experience, skill, and sincerity, this company has been able to reach their products with the highest effort. It’s designing, manufacturing high-quality apparel, attractive, popularity acquired over 120 countries. Its attractive side, the company sponsors high-profile sports stars Based in Herzogenaurach.





When maximum buyers go for a shoe purchase, various decisions suffer from inferiority. About 20% of buyers can choose their favorite shoes, and here are some suggestions for the remaining 80% of buyers:





How to find good quality shoes?

You can find good qualities shoes to look for in each shoe: design, durable, weight, color, brand, price, usage advantages, foot fittings, ventilation system, sleek, customer reviews, ratings, popularity, the bottom of the shoe, Easy to clean, easy to carry, shoe logo.

Take a look at the above topics, learn and review them, then make a decision. Remember, you will avoid all the shoes that are worn in the shoe, causing the fear of loss of honor.





Because of its popularity

The popular reasons for PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe are:

Athletic Activity Running shoe.

memory foam insole

Lace-up system.


Removal Rubber sole.

Inverse duoCELL technology.

Smooth and attractive design.

They have a good cushion.

Breathable EcoOrthoLite system.

Secure hell hold.

Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.

⇒Sockliner for optimum fit and comfort.

it offers high comfort, freshness throughout the runs.

It can deliver sufficient cushioning, especially the heel section.

It offers you a confident, stylish look and available in multiple colors.

Its footwear is a great variety of outdoor and indoor activities, from gym exercises to casual walks.

EVA midsole foam is meant to bring a massive cushioning system for the runners while they’re running on the road or anywhere.

It made with lightweight material that provides extra stability for the arch.

Lace-up system for closure and secure fit.

It fits easily.

The high-quality materials applied to it.

Available in multiple colors.

It provides comfort while sporting with Tazon 6 FM.

TPU shank for increased stability.

It matched easily with any attire.

Lightweight and standard.

Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.






PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe is a classic reworked. It is made as an athletic shoe. It made with modern shapes and fresh materials. Its important features offer you a better life. It’s a quality and attractive design that catches anyone’s attention. It is so long-lasting, durable, attractive, and lightweight shoe. You can use it for running, athletic, any purpose, sports, official work, etc. It offers you to smoothest ride and flexible. This lightweight shoe fits easily with the feet. Users are creating quite a reputation for this. It can give the runners the maximum breathability. It can prevent all foot-related injuries with its highly comfortable midfoot saddle. Once you can enjoy this shoe, hopefully, you will find it fascinating.

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