Mongoose Expo Scooter


Mongoose Expo Scooter can be compared to a bicycle like a screwdriver of human attention. Its durable steel frame is excellent for execution. This is originally done with a wide deck for the coast.






⇒Suitable for all types of terrain.

⇒Easily control the speed and can be turned off immediately.

⇒There is a wide bird deck feature for easy stability in any horrible situation.

⇒Provides a limited lifetime warranty.

⇒Age Range:6 to 19 years.

⇒Scooter Weight: 18 Pounds.

⇒Weight Capacity: 220 Pounds.

⇒Rating: 3.7/5.0




Mongoose Expo Scooter Pros and Cons


  • Walking on a ripe street is fantastic
  • Great break
  • Offshore provides additional balance


  • rating is not so good

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