Madd Gear Kick Extreme Pro Scooter


Madd Gear Scooter will help to teach your child all basic strategies.  Through this, the rider can swaddle around the park, surroundings, beach, etc. Because it is easy to upgrading. Madd gear pro scooter designed with urban.

It is a lightweight weight scooter. It is primarily built in the minds of older adult children. This is scooted suitable for your child. This is the best scooter to transfer kids to this scooter. There is also an all-important part for a beginner bike. It is originally designed for riders under 5 feet long.





⇒100mm MGP 88a alloy core wheel.

⇒Perfect scooter to park or street.

⇒22 “x18” single screw steel bar.

⇒Applicable for ages 6 years.

⇒The beautiful and smooth design of strong bearings.

⇒A great scooter for a beginner.





Madd Gear Kick Scooter Pros and Cons


World # 1 number scooter brand
Providing primary knowledge
urban design
The good way to travel far away


Reviews are not good

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