DR-X Kids Holeshot-X 50cc Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike




The DR-X Kids Dirt Bike offers the opportunity to tour any tourist, mountainous area, or around your home. Its 50cc Gas Power can easily be easily accessible by any road.

With its front and back brake disks, you can travel or control safely whenever you want. DR-X Kids Dirt Bike is made of high-quality components.




  • The Maximum speed of 40km per hour.
  • There’s a strong kick.
  • There are strong disc brakes on the sides.






  • Engine:50cc Gas Power
  • Seat height 21 inches
  • Size 50inch x 22inch x 33.5inch
  •  dry weight: 48.5LBS / 22KG,
  • Weight Weight: 57.3LBS / 26KG
  • Fuel grade: 91 # gas
  • Both disc brakes
  • Easy to install
  • Age: 6+
  • Capacity: 160 pounds in total.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.45gal / 1.7L
  • Maximum speed 24.9 miles (40 km / h)


DR-X Kids Holeshot-X 50cc Pros and Cons


  • Great speed
  • Strong kick
  • Strong disc brake on either side
  • Easy to install


  • it is fully automatic, no clutch




Why would you like DR-X Kids Dirt Bike?

For better, powerful engines and safety, DR-X Kids Dirt Bike is a good bike. Whatever you are looking for, maybe it can provide complete perfection of all your requirements.

It is designed to satisfy the client’s due desires. As a result of its great engine, you will be able to fulfill all your wishes. Through this, you can compete and give it. This is one of the most useful products to achieve.



What is our opinion about the DR-X Kids Dirt Bike?

We have already tested and we have found that:

  • There are 5 stars out 4 in the Amazon.
  • Provides a strong kick.
  • Maximum speed 24.9 miles (40 km/hr)
  • Smooth and rear strong disc brake.
  • Can be installed easily.




DR-X Kids Dirt Bike Holeshot-X 50cc A safe bike for your child. It teaches your child to become more and cooler. Its powerful engine makes the journey more pleasant. It works to enjoy your child. So you can buy it for your child to have special qualities.






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