Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Running Shoes


Brooks Women Ghost 11 running shoes offer for a softer underfoot feel and a smoother ride. Its updated DNA Loft foam uses to create a better-cushioned landing. Its upper and outsole create for lightweight and fit what you love. Its lightweight construction offers you to ride from heel to toe, so you can take your performance easily. Its attractive feature has gained popularity.






⇒Neutral running shoe.

⇒Man-made Materials and Fabric.


⇒Synthetic sole.

⇒Lightweight and multiple colors.

⇒Smooth interior fit.

⇒Lace-Up system for closure.

⇒Smooth and attractive design.

⇒Outsole designed with rubber.

⇒Secure hell hold.

⇒Brooks logo on tongue level.

⇒The high-quality materials applied to the Brooks 11 running shoe.

⇒Updated mesh upper applied for more flexibility.

⇒Rearfoot and Forefoot are medium soft.

⇒Sufficient forefoot splay room.

⇒Its Forefoot Cush Pod construction offers great flexibility.

⇒Removable profile sockliner system for increases in-shoe comfort to reduce irritation.

⇒Long run and daily training.

⇒Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.

⇒Its Updated Outsole made with blown rubber in the forefoot and HPR plus rubber used for long-lasting.



More attractive facilities

⇒HPR plus rubber used for long-lasting, attractive and to protect from any accident. (For example, something sharp to do with the toes.)

⇒Outsole made with blown rubber.

⇒Its BioMoGo DNA technology helps full-length adaptive cushioning for impact protection.

⇒DNA Loft foam helps soften each landing for a smoother, Eliminates tiredness, keeps the mind fresh, flexible transition, and midsole cushioning in the heel offers a soft and springy ride while maintaining durability.

⇒Wide toe box.

⇒Engineered mesh upper Offer you stretch and structure.

⇒Breathable upper provides your feet refreshed.

⇒Omega Flex Grooves helps for more forefoot flexibility and offer you freshness.

⇒It is designed with Engineer mesh with 3D print overlays.







 ⇒Shoe type                 ⇔Neutral.

 ⇒Brand                        ⇔Brooks

⇒Age of                           ⇔Adult

⇒Heel-to-toe drop       ⇔12mm.

⇒Weight                      ⇔9.50z/269.3g.

⇒Arch                          ⇔Medium/ High.

⇒Running Experience ⇔Cushion.

⇒Style Athletic Shoes ⇔Running.

⇒Gender                     ⇔Women.

⇒Fit The Foot              ⇔Cushioned.

⇒Waterproof                ⇔No.

⇒Slip-On                      ⇔No.




Because of the popularity

The popular reasons for Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 are:

⇒Neutral support.

⇒Lace-up system.

⇒Updated mesh upper applied for more flexibility.

⇒Removable profile sockliner system for increases in-shoe comfort to reduce irritation.              

⇒Smooth and attractive design.

⇒They have a good cushion.

⇒Available in multiple colors.

⇒Outsole made with blown rubber.

⇒Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.




Which season is it best for?

These are great for running in cool to warm weather. Besides that, you can use it in the light rain season. (They dry quickly)




First Impression

When you will receive and open the Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 box, you will be glad to see it. The box comes in a very nice and sturdy box that contains shoes and an ownership card. The shoes look nice, great, lightweight and standard.




How long-lasting

Its durability depends on the user, but in order to increase its durability, it is necessary to clean it once a week for regular use. Keep it in a dry place. The upper part should be kept out of the water.




What kind of clothing does this shoe suitable?

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Suitable with all clothing. However, formal, jeans dresses are well suitable.




Where is Brooks Ghost 11 shoes suitable?

It is suitable for Long Distance, Cross Training, tennis, Treadmill, Road lingers, sports, and official work. 




Brooks Women's Ghost 11


  • Neutral support.
  • Lace-up system for Closure and secure fit.
  • Available in multiple colorways.
  • Regular fit.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot are medium soft.
  • Strong shapes.
  • Lightweight and standard.
  • Matching with any garmented.
  • Smooth interior fit.
  • Fashionable shoe.
  • Secure hell hold.


  • Because the upper part is cloth, it should be kept out of the water.




Some Buyers talking about

⇒Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 offers you to Lace closure and secure fit.

⇒Removable profile sockliner system for increases in-shoe comfort to reduce irritation.

⇒Neutral support.

⇒It fits easily.

⇒The high-quality materials applied to it.

⇒Available in multiple colorways.

⇒Updated mesh upper applied for more flexibility.

⇒It provides comfort while sporting with Brooks ghost 11 shoes.

⇒It matched easily with any attire.

⇒Overlays on the upper deliver a lighter feel, flexibility, and increase support.




Winner of the  award

This product has been recognized from the Runner’s World Editor’s for its high-quality design.




Balanced, Soft Cushioning

Its BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work to provide softness underfoot without losing responsiveness, attractive, and durable. It offers lighter than ever.




Its smooth upper body and rubber soles are soft, making your journey longer and keeping you from getting tired.




Secure fit

Its solid rubber soles protect you from any sharp objects or small rocks, also it helps to keep your foot safe.




Engineered mesh upper

Its Engineered mesh upper offers you more stretch and structure. Its attractive mesh upper matched with any dresses. This helps keep your toes well protected. Apart from this, there is a ventilation system. You can use it where you need it most.




Segmented Crash Pad

It Adapts to each foot so you can enjoy the smoothest ride possible.




How to wash Brooks Ghost 11?

You can wash it with laundry detergent or soap. Then set them out to air dry for some time and they will keep their shape well and dried in no time.





Shoe related Some signal:

Some shoe buyers become face to face some problem, so we are trying to solve that’s the problem.

⇒M for (Normal width)

⇒N for (Narrow)

⇒B (Medium width)

⇒D (wide width)

⇒Midsole drop means Heel to toe level.





When maximum buyers go for a shoe purchase, various decisions suffer from inferiority. 20% of buyers can buy suitable shoes. And here are some suggestions for the remaining 80% of buyers:


How to find good quality shoes?

What to look for in each shoe:







8.Usage advantages.

9.Foot fittings.

10.Ventilation system.


12.Customer reviews.



15.Bottom of the shoe.

16.Easy to clean.

17.Easy to carry.

18.Shoe logo.


Take a look at the above topics, learn and review them, then make a decision. Remember, you will avoid all the shoes that are worn in the shoe, causing the fear of loss of honor.






Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 is a classic reworked. It made with modern shapes and fresh materials. Its important features are DNA plus and DNA Loft working together for a better soft feel.


It’s a quality and attractive design that catches anyone’s attention. It is so long-lasting, durable, attractive, and lightweight shoe. You can use it for any purpose, sports, from official work. It offers you to smoothest ride and flexible. This lightweight shoe fits easily with the feet. Users are creating quite a reputation for this. Once you can enjoy this shoe, hopefully, you will find it fascinating.


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